Gel Extensions (New Set)                   -short $70

                                                           -medium $80

                                                           -long $90


Gel Fill                                               -short $55

                                                           -medium $60

                                                           -long $70


Nail Art*

Swarovski Crystals                             $0.50 + up each

Sparkles                                             $1 per nail

Glitter Gel                                      To Be Discussed

Foil                                                     $1.00 per nail

Chrome                                              $2-$3 per nail

Hand painted designs                   To Be Discussed

3D Gel Art                                      To Be Discussed

Nail Repair                                          $5-$7

Fill over 4 week time mark                    + $5

Fill over 5 week time mark                    + $10

Gel Removal                                          $25

PLEASE NOTE         *the starting rate for Nail Art is $5

                                If you think the design you would like may take extra time,

                                email me! We can discuss it and book you the appropriate

                                amount of time.